How To Prevent Your Phone From Breaking

14th Oct 2019

With phones becoming increasingly more expensive and people frequently upgrading to the latest devices, we want to ensure that your phone is safe from damage. Dropping a device or cracking the screen are probably the two most common issues, so we decided to take a look at ways you can prevent any damage from happening.

Use A Phone Case

An iPhone with a phone case on

It is pretty much common knowledge now that if you aren’t using a phone case, then you are exposing your device to potential damage. There are a variety of different cases you can choose from, many like to opt for the fashionable ones, but if you are looking for protection, you are better off going for a chunky cover. High impact cases are often quite bulky, but they do the job of taking the impact in the event of dropping the device. Another excellent case is the phone wallet, which covers both the front and back of the device. By covering the screen as well, the phone wallet can actually prevent your phone from scratching. Scratches can often occur when carrying your phone in your pocket or bag, so it can be handy to have it covered. For more information on the benefits of using a phone case, take a look at our previous blog!

Avoid Certain Scenarios

It is fair to say that there are particular events and scenarios in life that your phone simply shouldn’t join you. For example, For example, we advise that you do not take your phone on any rides or when you visit attractions. It may look like a cool video opportunity, but you are risking dropping your phone and it will not survive the impact. A more common scenario is going to the bathroom. Many people like to scroll socials while sat on the loo, but you are risking dropping your phone into the toilet, especially if your phone is in your back pocket as you go to sit down! Just use your common sense and decide whether it is really worth taking your phone into certain situations if there is a chance it could get damaged.

Install A Car Phone Holder

Car phone in use on the road

When travelling, phones are often chucked on the seat, in a glove compartment or down the side of the door. By doing this, the device is at risk of being damaged from other surfaces. It can be useful to have a stand or holder for your phone because then it can be supported in a position where you can see it, as well as keep it out of harm’s way. Although, we advise you to check the laws in your area to ensure that it isn’t illegal to have your phone on show.

Attach A Popsocket

Popsockets have become a popular accessory for mobile phones because it allows you to hold the phone more comfortably. With smartphones becoming larger with every release, it can be challenging at times to hold onto the device without it slipping from your hands. A Popsocket sticks to the back of your device and is a circular attachment that you can wrap your fingers around. Using it can provide you with more grip and, therefore, you are less likely to drop it.

Apply A Screen Protector

Screen protectors can often be lifesavers in the event of dropping your device. We would recommend you use an anti-shock film so that the screen protector can absorb the damage, rather than the display of your phone. Furthermore, by using a screen protector, high-impact or not, they can prevent your phone from scratching too! Take a look at our previous blog that explains the most common causes of scratches on your phone screen!

We hope that you can now go about your day-to-day life without the worry of damaging your phone. If you have any more tips on how to prevent your phone from breaking, please get in touch on our social media channels! Tweet us at @Viascreens or head over to our Facebook page. We also post more tips and tricks to our Pinterest page, as well as some information on the latest devices; give us a follow so you don’t miss out!