Can A Dropped Phone Be Fixed?

29th May 2019

For many of us, smartphones are an essential extension to everyday life. We use them to wake up in the morning, tell us the time, give us directions and pay for things. It’s okay to rely on your phone, but what happens if it breaks? A replacement phone could be costly, but there may be a cheaper solution if it is repairable.

We take a look at the potential problems a dropped phone could face, and whether it could be repairable. For any third-party repair companies, please use caution and check for recommendations and reviews. If you’re unsure, do some research and have a look at one of our other blogs about how shady replacement parts can compromise phone security.

Software Damage

If your phone is being very slow, continually rebooting itself or if apps keep crashing, it could be a sign that the internal software is damaged. Trying a ‘factory reset’ or a ‘hard reset’ may solve the problem. Some software damage may be fixable by plugging it into a computer. Specialist phone repair companies may be able to fix more specific bugs.

Hardware Damage

Examples of hardware damage could include broken or sticky buttons, phone not charging or a battery failure. For starters, check if you can pin down the exact problem. For example, if you think your phone is not charging, check that it’s not your charger. If you believe the battery is failing, check to see if you don’t have lots of apps running in the background that could be draining it. Once you’re sure of the problem, there are kits you can buy to replace some hardware yourself such as the charger port. The manufacturer can replace batteries and other hardware, contact them to see what they offer.

Water Damage

An unfortunate but common accident, while most modern phones are splash-proof, they can be water damaged from partial or full submersion. Some smartphones are waterproof and can survive for up to 30 minutes in liquid. If you are not one of those lucky ones, you may still be able to save a soaked phone. If you have dropped your phone in liquid, the first thing to do is take it out and turn it off. Dry off the excess water with a clean cloth and put it on a flat hard surface and allow to dry completely.

Do not try to turn on or charge your phone until it has completely dried out, ideally after 48 hours or more, and avoid the temptation to use heat to quicken the process, such as putting it in the oven or blasting it with a hairdryer. We’ve all heard stories to put it in a bad of rice, but does it work? Many experts seem to disagree but if you want to try something, they would instead recommend packets of silica gel. If your phone doesn’t turn back on after a few days; however, there could be extensive damage, and the cost of repairs may be more than the phones worth.

Screen Damage

Cracks can ruin the visuals of your phone and give you problems with functionality. If you find yourself with a cracked screen, there are options for home repair kits, although these can be tricky. Most manufacturers and phone repairers also offer a screen replacement service.

Prevention is Better Than a Cure

While accidents do happen, there are effective preventative measures you can take to reduce damage if your phone gets dropped. Or avoid dropping it altogether. Keep a tight hold of your phone when it is in use and don’t leave it on the edge of a work surface or desk, and avoid carrying it around in your back pocket. Invest in a decent case and an effective screen protector to protect against bumps and falls. Our anti-shock screen protector will provide the ultimate protection, without compromising your screen sensitivity.