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5 Common Causes of Scratches on Your Phone Screen

9th Jul 2019

Our phones are a massive part of our day-to-day life, and because we rely so heavily on them, they come with us everywhere we go. With this in mind, it increases the chance of the phone becoming damaged because it is getting used daily. Almost every phone will suffer from numerous scratches on the screen, and in this blog, we discuss the common causes of the marks, so you can try and avoid them! After all, we want our phones to remain as immaculate as they looked when we first bought them. Furthermore, with the high price some of these devices carry, you don’t want to be having to replace it regularly.

1. Using Your Pocket

We use our pockets daily to free up our hands to get on with whatever it is we are doing, but this could be the exact reason why your phone screen is getting damaged. If you put your phone in the same pocket as your keys or coins, for example, your screen is more prone to getting scratched. It is advised that if you are using your pocket, put your phone in one that is separate from other objects, therefore minimising the chance of any annoying marks.

2. Sandy Pockets

If you visit the beach, sand can often get everywhere. Without even realising it, the tiny little grains manage to make their way into your pockets. The sand can then damage your screen by leaving little scratch marks and grazes on the glass. It is often those minute scratches, that which are more noticeable in the sun, but can still cause distraction when using your phone. be very irritating. The only way to avoid this is by ensuring your pockets are completely clear of any sand or dirt before putting your phone in it.

3. Putting Your Phone Down

If we are out and about, we are often likely to put our phone down somewhere, e.g. on a bench or a wall so that we can free up our hands. Doing this, especially with the screen facing down, is just asking for scratches! The hard surfaces will often have rough edges, and these can damage your screen, even with the slightest of movements. Additionally, some people like to rest their phone up against something or balance it on objects to try and get the best angle for a photo. We all want a perfect group shot but when your phone is at risk of getting damaged, is it really worth it? The phone will often slip if it is not positioned safely, meaning it could drop flat onto the screen or fall from a great height. So, to try to keep your phone protected, ensure that wherever you put your phone down, the surface you use isn’t harsh or bumpy and that it is positioned in a way that it cannot fall.

4. Dropping Your Phone

We have all experienced that horrible moment when you drop your phone, and you have to see what damage it has caused (or you might be lucky and have no marks!). Impact like this is perhaps one of the most common causes of scratches. As phones are so slim nowadays, they can slip out of your hand so quickly and therefore are at more risk of being dropped and damaged! One way to avoid this happening is by using a case that has a grippy material. Having a case will make the phone slightly thicker, making it harder to drop and also the grip will help the phone stay in your hand or stay still on a surface area.

5. Not Using Protection

People will often spend hundreds of pounds on a brand-new smartphone but won’t pay to protect it. Without a protective screen, the display can easily scratch or even worse, crack, so it is best to spend the extra money to shield it. It costs far more to replace a screen that it does to purchase a screen protector. There is this misconception that screen protectors morph the view of the display or interfere with the touch sensor; this simply isn’t correct. There are numerous different types on the market, one of the most popular being a clear screen protector; you won’t even notice it is there! Why not take a look at our blog that explains five reasons why you need a screen protector?

Here at ViaScreens, we want to help keep your phone safe and secure, so why not take a look at our wide variety of screen protectors to keep those horrible scratches at bay! From privacy screen protectors to high impact, there will be one suited perfectly for your device.