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Sharp Aquos R2 Compact Paper Screen Protector

Sharp Aquos R2 Compact Paper Screen Protector

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Main Function : Paper-like
Surface Finish : Papery
Glare Reduction : 4.5/5
Image Quality : 4/5
Blue Light Filtering : 0/5
Smudge Resistance : 4.5/5
Scratch Resistance : 3/5
Shock Protection : 2/5
Ease of Cleaning : 3.5/5


    Compatible Device: Sharp Aquos R2 Compact
    Device Release Date: November 2018
    Touchscreen Responsiveness: 5/5

Material Properties

Product Type: Screen Protector
Material: PET
Surface Hardness: 2H
Layer Thickness: 0.135 mm
A paper-like screen protector for the Sharp Aquos R2 Compact.