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MobileDemand xTablet A1180 Paper Screen Protector

MobileDemand xTablet A1180 Paper Screen Protector

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Main Function : Paper-like
Surface Finish : Papery
Glare Reduction : 4.5/5
Image Quality : 4/5
Blue Light Filtering : 0/5
Smudge Resistance : 4.5/5
Scratch Resistance : 3/5
Shock Protection : 2/5
Ease of Cleaning : 3.5/5
Main Function: Paper-like
Surface Finish: Papery
Glare Reduction: 4.5/5
Image Quality: 4/5
Blue Light Filtering: 0/5
Smudge Resistance: 4.5/5
Scratch Resistance: 3/5
Shock Protection: 2/5
Ease of Cleaning: 3.5/5
Touchscreen Responsiveness: 5/5


    Compatible Device: MobileDemand xTablet A1180
    Device Release Date: October 2019
    Touchscreen Responsiveness: 5/5

Material Properties

Product Type: Screen Protector
Material: PET
Surface Hardness: 2H
Layer Thickness: 0.135 mm


    Compatible Device: MobileDemand xTablet A1180
    Device Release Date: October 2019
    Display Size: 10.1 inches
  • This Paper screen protector is device specific and is neither generic nor necessarily compatible with another device.
  • The above Display Size refers to the diagonal size of the lit display and not that of the screen protector.
  • If any of the above information does not correspond to your device then this screen protector may be incompatible.
  • If you need help finding the compatible product for your device, please contact Support.

Material Properties

Product Type: Screen Protector
Material: PET
Surface Hardness: 2H
Layer Thickness: 0.135 mm

Package Contents

  • 2 x Paper Screen Protectors
  • Application Toolkit

Product Details

Go paperless and digitise all your notetaking, annotations, drawing and sketching with the Paper screen protector for the MobileDemand xTablet A1180.

The MobileDemand xTablet A1180 paper-like screen protector

Paper for MobileDemand xTablet A1180 is a screen protector that mimics an actual paper, a notebook and a sketchbook. It not only protects your screen from casual scratches and scuffs, the MobileDemand xTablet A1180 Paper screen protector is designed to make drawing, sketching and notetaking with a stylus on your screen comparable to a pen on a paper, except that it is digital.

Write and draw on the MobileDemand xTablet A1180 as you would on paper. It feels like paper, works like paper and sounds like paper; except that it is a screen protector.

Smartphone screen visible to others
ViaScreens Privacy Screen in Portrait Mode

A blend of tradition and tech

Our Paper screen protector is the ultimate accessory for your MobileDemand xTablet A1180 that seamlessly blends the palpable sensation of traditional paper with the convenience of modern technology. Transform your MobileDemand xTablet A1180 into a versatile canvas with this innovative screen protector.

Paper features a special coating that mimics the stroke resistance and friction of real paper all without sacrificing screen clarity and functionality. The matte surface reduces glare and minimises fingerprints, providing an unparalleled viewing experience even in bright environments.

The Paper screen protector

  • Paper-like Texture
    Enjoy a tactile experience that closely replicates the feel of writing on paper. Unlike glass, the textured surface adds resistance, giving you precision control for intricate details in your artwork or notes.
  • Anti-Glare Technology
    Say goodbye to annoying reflections and screen glare. Our screen protector ensures a clear and crisp display, allowing you to work or read comfortably in all lighting conditions.
  • Precision Fit
    Specifically tailored for the MobileDemand xTablet A1180, the screen protector provides optimal coverage while allowing easy access to cameras and ports. It seamlessly integrates with your device for a sleek and professional look.
Portrait Privacy Screen Protector
Smartphone screen only visible to user

Designed for every day use

  • Scratch Resistance
    Guard your device against everyday wear and tear. The durable material protects your screen from scratches, scuffs, and minor impacts, ensuring your device remains in pristine condition.
  • Highly durable
    All surfaces wear-out with time, whether it is your screen surface, your pen nib, or the screen protector; it’s a fact. Paper will last you as least 18 months before you will need to replace it. During that time, you would have saved a couple of trees and consolidated all your work digitally.
  • Compatible with Stylus Pens
    Whether you prefer a fine-tip stylus or a broader brush, our Paper screen protector enhances the responsiveness of your stylus, making it the perfect tool for digital artists, note-takers, and professionals alike.

What’s included in the pack?

The MobileDemand xTablet A1180 screen protector is packed in a tamperproof package containing the Paper screen protector films and an Application Toolkit. This toolkit is designed to make installation quick, easy, and accurate. You will get:

  • 2 x Paper scren protectors
  • Post-application dust removers
  • Pre-application dust removers
  • Alignment stickers
  • Squeegee
Application Toolkit


Want to test the Paper screen protector? Our sample swatches allow you to explore and gauge the quality firsthand. Order here.

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