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Clevo N650DU Impact Screen Protector

Clevo N650DU Impact Screen Protector

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Main Function : Impact Protection
Unique Feature : Shatterproof
Surface Finish : Glossy
Glare Reduction : 0/5
Image Quality : 5/5
Blue Light Filtering : 0/5
Smudge Resistance : 1/5
Scratch Resistance : 4.5/5
Shock Protection : 5/5
Ease of Cleaning : 5/5


    Compatible Device: Clevo N650DU
    Device Release Date: May 2016

Material Properties

Product Type: Screen Protector
Material: TPU
Surface Hardness: 5H
Layer Thickness: 0.347 mm

Protect your laptop’s screen from drops and shocks with the Clevo N650DU anti-shock protector. Most screen protectors guard against scratches and scuffs, but the Clevo N650DU screen shield maximises this protection to keep your screen intact even if you drop it. Perfect for people who take their laptop everywhere, the Clevo N650DU screen protector works by dissipating, dispersing and absorbing sudden shocks.

Unlike tempered glass, the material in this Clevo N650DU screen shield is designed to be shatterproof. The Clevo N650DU anti-shock protector is made with a high-tech, multi-layered polymer that won’t shatter on impact. Aside from being tough and shatterproof, the Clevo N650DU screen protector is slimline. So even though you have a tough screen protector in place, it won’t change the appearance of your screen.  

The Clevo N650DU screen shield’s glossy, hydrophobic surface looks and feels like your laptop’s screen. It also allows your finger to glide over its glass-like surface. If you like to use touchscreen interactivity on your laptop, the Clevo N650DU screen protector won’t hinder it in any way. Above all, the Clevo N650DU anti-shock protector gives you crystal clear optical clarity. In each pack you’ll find one Clevo N650DU screen shield featuring an advanced silicone-based adhesive, and an easy-to-use application kit.  

How to apply the Clevo N650DU screen protector?

Key Features

  • The Clevo N650DU screen shield keeps your laptop’s screen safe even if it receives a knock or a drop. At the same time, the Clevo N650DU screen protector guards against scratches and scuffs, and the glossy surface doesn’t attract finger smudges.

  • Made with a hydrophobic coating, the Clevo N650DU anti-shock protector has a glass-like surface that looks like your laptop’s screen. The Clevo N650DU screen protector also has a highly responsive touch if you are using a touchscreen, and it’s ultra-thin, making it seem invisible when applied.

  • Each of our screen protectors is made with a precision fit. That means your Clevo N650DU screen shield is specifically made to fit your laptop. The Clevo N650DU screen protector covers all areas of your screen for full protection, and maximum impact reduction through dispersing, dissipating and absorbing shocks across the screen.

  • With an advanced silicone-based adhesive, the Clevo N650DU screen shield clings firmly to your screen when applied, and it’ll stay in place for the laptop’s lifetime. The Clevo N650DU screen protector couldn’t be easier to apply either, thanks to a useful application kit with all the tools you’ll need for a bubble-free installation.

Here to help

We aim to ship your Clevo N650DU screen protector within 48 hours from placing your order. Our focus is on customer satisfaction, so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Alternatively you can visit our Support page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this screen protector compatible with my device?

This screen protector is specifically designed for the Clevo N650DU that was released in May 2016. If this isn't your device then check out our other Clevo screen protectors. Use the filtered navigation options to pinpoint your device. Still can't find it? Contact Support.

Where is this product being shipped from and how much does delivery cost?

Our products are shipped from the United Kingdom and delivery costs depend on your location. Add the product(s) you want to the cart to view the available delivery options and charges.

Does the Clevo N650DU screen protector adhere to the screen and will it leave any residue once removed?

The Clevo N650DU screen protector will firmly adhere to your screen and will not leave any residue once removed.

What is the lifetime of this Clevo N650DU screen protector and can I resuse it if removed?

It will last as long as you own your device. You can replace it whenever you wish, however once removed you will not be able to re-apply.