How to Fix an Overheated Phone

24th Sep 2019

Someone taking a picture on their smartphone in the sun

Do you think your phone is overheating? If so, there are several possible reasons why. Whether you are using an iPhone or Android, discover why your phone is overheating and how to fix it. We also take a look at how you can prevent your device from overheating in the future.

How Do Phones Overheat?

When phones overheat, it is often due to the battery, processor or screen because these components can generate heat. Inside your phone’s battery are chemicals that create electricity, the processor transfers information at high speeds, and the display of your phone produces light. Although you cannot be one hundred per cent sure where the heat is coming from, you can take an educated guess from where the warmth is coming from.

Bottom of the Phone

If the bottom of your phone gets hot while charging, then this could be down to the charger cable you are using. The most reliable charger to use is by far from the phone’s manufacturer; cheaper alternatives can cause issues.

Back of the Phone

If the back of your device is getting hot, then it is likely down to your battery overheating. Most modern smartphones use lithium-ion batteries, and they can produce enormous amounts of power, despite their small size. Although these batteries are generally safe, they can experience malfunctions. A hot battery can also suggest that it requires replacement.

What Are the Causes of a Phone Overheating?

There are numerous things that can cause your phone to warm up, from a software update to prolonged use.


Someone using Netflix on their smartphone

When streaming content online, such as Netflix or YouTube, it can overwork the processor, therefore, creating a hot device. When streaming content, the processor has to keep the display active for a prolonged period of time, and it has to continually load the video data, therefore, working the processor to its max. Much like us humans, when we work out really hard, we get very hot!


May seem obvious but leaving your phone out in the sun or a hot car; this isn’t going to help your device. Exposing your phone to heat can cause the battery to drain and the screen to stop working correctly.

Software Updates

Sometimes, when installing a software update, your phone can begin to heat up. The phone is going through quite a significant change, and it is installing plenty of new updates at once; therefore, the phone can warm up a little.


Someone playing a game on their smartphone

There is a ridiculous amount of games available of the App Store or Google Play; therefore, a lot of people enjoy passing the time by playing on their phone. Unfortunately, if you find yourself sucked into a game for a prolonged period of time, this can cause your phone to overheat. Games use the devices central processing cores as well as the graphics processing unit, ultimately resulting in a bit of a toasty phone!


Do you always have your phone of full brightness? Or maybe you have an animated wallpaper? Things like this will not help your phone and can result in it warming up frequently. Dim your brightness or set it to adjust to your surroundings, so that it is never unnecessarily bright.

App Updates

Sometimes, like with a software update, when installing an app update, your phone may get a little hot. When installing updates, it uses your phone’s processor to its max, and can, therefore, cause it to get heated.

How to Fix an Overheated Phone?

There are a few little fixes for sorting an overheated phone, perhaps the most useful is just to be patient and smart. If you are streaming a film on your phone, don’t be surprised when it gets warm. If you are wrapping your phone up as you snuggle into a cosy blanket, don’t be shocked when it starts heating up. Your activity is likely the main reason for your phone overheating, so consider changing how you use your device. However, if this still doesn’t work, there are other ways to sort out an overheated phone.

Remove the Phone Case

Someone using a phone case on their iPhone

For a quick temporary fix, remove the case on your phone to essentially allow it to breathe. We say this is a temporary fix because in day to day life, you want to keep your phone in a case to keep it safe from damage!

Turn on Airplane Mode

Now, this is only a quick fix and not the most practical option, but turning on airplane mode can shutdown battery draining features, such as Bluetooth and Cellular signal searching. For more information on how to preserve your phone’s battery, take a look at our previous blog!

Use a Fan

Sounds a little bizarre, and you may look a bit strange doing it, but fanning your device can actually help it cool down. Both iPhones and Androids are intended to function between 0-35 degrees Celsius (32-95 Fahrenheit); therefore, using a fan to bring the temperature back down to this range will work.

Use Less Power

Seems a little obvious, but the less you use the phone, the cooler it will be. However, we appreciate that using your phone less just isn’t a realistic fix, so instead, you can opt for power-saving mode.

We hope you now understand why your phone is getting a little toasty and how you can stop it from happening! Not only is it important to protect your device from overheating, but it is also essential to defend it from any physical damage. Here at Viascreens, we offer a wide range of screen protectors, for an array of different devices, so you can keep your technology safe! Perhaps one of the bestsellers is our matte screen protector; this can prevent any glare on your display, but it also protects your device from any scratches or general damage. Take a look at our range of products today and keep your devices shielded!