Cookies Policy

This policy explains how Viakey’s Limited (“We,” “Our” or ”Us”), 06882871, registered at Unit 30 Park Royal Metro Centre, Britannia Way, London, NW10 7PA, also trading under the following names:

  • ViaScreens; and
  • Celicious

Use cookies whenusers (“you” and “your”) visit our websites


1. What are Cookies?

1.1. Cookies are small data files that are stored on the electronic devices you use to access our websites. It identifies, tracks, stores and sends information about your usage to us and associated third parties to help with the functioning of our website as well as providing you with efficient and tailored services. By law, we must seek your consent first before doing this. This is why you will see a banner across your screen informing you about cookies usedas you enter our websites.

2. What type of cookies do we use?

2.1.Cookies can either be session or persistent cookies. Session cookies act as bookmarks on the website to mark where you last left the site and stores information for memory purposes. An example of this will be where we may need to remember what you put in your shopping cart in order to process your purchase. By default, web pages do not have a memory function and this cookie compensates for that. At the end of your session, these tend to be deleted. Persistent cookies on the other hand store information relating to your preferences and helps with customising the services we provide to you. These cookies are stored for a set expiry date which can be up to 2 years unless deleted by you. Cookies can either be used by us, known in these instances as first party cookies, or by our partners on behalf of us, known as third party cookies. Categories of cookies can further be broken down in accordance with its purpose. These purposes include providing us with statistics, for tailoring advertisements to you and to allow for our websites to function. The cookies we use are:

2.1.1. Strictly Necessary cookies

This category of cookiesis essential to the functioning of the website. Without these cookies,we will not be able to run our websites or run it efficiently. Because of how crucial these cookies are, we are not required to seek your consent before storing these on your devices. We use:

Cookies Cookie Type Purpose Retention First or Third - Party Cookies
frontend Session

This cookie ensures a user can be identified as either a guest or logged-in user. It provides efficient functioning of the site.

1 day


Frontend_cid Session Allows for unique identification of user on encrypted pages and allows for the efficient functioning of the site. 1 day First
Local_storage_support_test Persistent This allows the website to function faster by pre-loading certain procedures. N/A –please visit their website for more information on their cookie use.


How to refuse to consent to the use of these cookies In order to provide services, this is essential and cannot, therefore, be refused.

2.1.2. Statistic Cookies

Statistic cookies are used to collectand extract information, to then be used for analysing our relationship with you. All information collected from these cookies is anonymised. We use:

Cookies Cookie Type Purpose Retention First or Third - Party Cookies
_ga Persistent

This generates statistical data on how you use our website. We then use this to help better our general services to our customers.

2 years

Third party: Google Analytics

_gat Persistent This regulates request rates. We then use this to help better our general services to our customers. 1 day Third party: Google Analytics
_gid Persistent This generates statistical data on how you use our website. We then use this to help better our general services to our customers. 1 day Third party: Google Analytics
Collect Session Tracks information on your device and behaviour and sends this to Google Analytics. We use this to better understand what you may be using our services for and how we can helpyou further. N/A Third party: Google Analytics
External_no_cache Persistent Determines whether the cache is enabled or disabled. If enabled, it allows for optimism of response time between you and our website. 1 day First


 2.1.3. Targeted cookies

Targeted cookies are used to collect information that will help us understand the right advertisements to display to you whilst browsing our website.This will also help third party advertisers know the right adverts to publish, enhancing user experience in general.

Cookies Purpose Retention First or Third - Party Cookies



Third party: Twitter

Ads/ga-audiences Looks at visitor online behaviours and helps us understand keywords that engage customers. Session Third party: Google
Test_cookie This cookie checks whether your browser supports cookies. 1 day Third party:Google DoubleClick


2.1.4. Other Third-Party Cookies

These cookies are used by third parties when you access our site andwill notalwaysbe on our behalf. In each instance, the cookie usage is beyond our sphere of control. For how you can control the use of these cookies on your browser please refer to the Cookies Preference section of this policy or to the third party’s cookies policy.

Cookies Purpose Retention First or Third - Party Cookies

Tracks geographical GPS location. To find out more information on this process please refer to Youtube’s privacy and cookie policy.

1 day


IDE Reports user’s actions after clicking or viewing content on our page. To find out more information on this process please refer to Google’s privacy and cookie policy. 1 year Google DoubleClick
NID Identifies your device and is used for targeted ads. 6 months Google
PREF Keeps statistics on how users use Youtube channels on our website. 8 months YouTube
Rc::a This cookie limits repeated adverts to you. Persistent Google
Rc::b This cookie limits repeated adverts to you. Session Google
Rc::c pending Session Google
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE As Youtube videos integrate into our web pages, it saves your viewing preferences. 179 days YouTube
YSC Keeps statistics of what videos have been watched on YouTube. Session YouTube
Yt-remote-cast-installed; yt-remote-connected-devices; yt-remote-device-id; yt-remote-fast-check-period; yt-remote-session-app; yt-remote-session-name Stores your YouTube video preferences from the embedded video watched on our website. Session and persistent YouTube


Cookies we use do not collect information that personally identifies you. We may, however, link the information obtained by cookies to personal data we process about you. Where this is the case we comply with data protection laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

3. Cookies Preference

3.1. How to give my consent

Upon accessing our website, we will notify you of the use of cookies as well as easy navigation to this policy for more information. When you click to accept cookies, you are consenting to us using cookies. Where you continue to use the website without clicking to accept or you exit the banner, you have acknowledged that cookies are being used and with the continual use of our site you demonstrate to us you are happy for us to go ahead with using cookies.

3.2. How to alter or withdraw my consent for you to use cookies

You can remove or block these cookies by altering your browser settings in either the ‘options’ menu or ‘preferences.’ This will be dependenton the browser you are using. For more information on how to do this, please use the Help function within your web browser. Please note that the cookies are used for your interest and by removing the cookies, this will impact the functionality of the website and will diminish your user experience.

4. Changes to our Cookies Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy which may happen from time to time and in line with legislation. Please do check here regularly to see these changes.