Cyber Attack - Protect Your Business with Cyber Security

19th Nov 2019

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Cyber-attacks can be one of the main devastating issues when it comes to having a negative impact on a business. Unfortunately, they are relatively easy to do if you know what you’re doing, and there is little to stop them if you don’t know what you’re doing – which is why we’re here to help! Protecting your business with cybersecurity is a necessary precaution to take, but how can you save yourself from a sneaky cyber assault?

Why Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks

As we progress each day into a more tech-modern world, we are forced to think about things we have never had to before. All of a sudden, people with a small device or a simple line of code can steal the contents of your bank account, find out your details from the computer in your home or even worse, breach your businesses privacy. It all sounds very sinister, and that’s because it is. But rest assured, there are many steps you can take to make sure all of your personal information stays just that, personal!

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Get a Cyber Security Assessment

There are a few things you can do to protect your business. The first thing to do is to get a cybersecurity assessment to find out where the weak links are in your current security software, providing you have any. Locating the “easy access” areas will tell you precisely what to patch up, to ensure a much stronger security net; this also helps keep costs and time down, as you can prioritise the parts that need work. If you don’t have a current security set-up, this is your number one priority.

Keep Security Software Updated

It is crucial that for whatever security software you are using, the latest update has been installed. The updates are there to maximise your security and protect your computer from a variety of infiltration techniques. Old software and systems become much more susceptible to attacks which can cause severe damages. If you’re lucky, you will have security software that updates itself automatically, leaving you free to think about other things. However, some software’s don’t allow an automatic update, which means it’s in your best interest to check your software every week to make sure there are no updates to install.

Train Staff on Cyber Security

All it takes is one employee to set up their password like “password123” for everyone and the company to be at risk to a cyber-attack; a weak password is a weak link. It’s also worth training your staff on the dangers of scams from cybercriminals. They should be looking out for suspicious emails or phone calls, for example.

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Limit Privileges on Accounts to Specific Job Roles

The benefit of setting up limited privileges on different work accounts is that if everyone has access to everything within the company, it also means that if a cybercriminal has managed to infiltrate an account, they would also have access to everything. By limiting particular accounts, it can reduce the level of damage someone can do after obtaining access to someone’s account.

Assess Third-party Risk

Many large companies work with others such as third-party suppliers or vendors, which means they can create just as much of a risk, internet security-wise if they were to become breached. It’s important to assess potential third parties thoroughly to see what they use to protect their systems, networks and data. Ideally, they will be as exhaustive as your company when it comes to protection from cybersecurity, and this level of security is to be maintained throughout the contract between your company and theirs to ensure your business remains secure.

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