Tips on How to Take the Perfect iPhone Selfie

6th Nov 2019

A group of friends taking a selfie on an iPhone | ViaScreens

Whether it’s on holiday, at a party, or a usual weekday and you fancy capturing the moment, selfies are very popular. Smartphones offer front-facing cameras which allow the perfect opportunity to capture yourself on your own or with others while also being able to view the screen. When taking a selfie, you can see on the screen what the photo will capture and, therefore, you can ensure you take the perfect snap! Even though the process of taking a selfie sounds relatively simple, there is a bit of an art to it, so in this article, we are going to share some tips on how to take the perfect selfie on an iPhone.

1. Lighting is Everything

A photo with bad lighting can ruin it; if you can’t see the people or scenery very well, what is the point in the picture? If you are taking a photo with a bright surrounding, then the iPhone may let in too much light and overexpose the subject. You can rectify this by tapping on your face to make yourself the centre of the photo and not the backdrop. Furthermore, if tapping your face doesn’t instantly improve the exposure, then you can adjust it by sliding your finger up and down; this will change the brightness. As with all photography, you are likely to achieve the best photo if the light source is behind the camera so that the brightness is on your face. However, if you are capturing an image in the sunlight, then we highly recommend that you stand at an angle so that you aren’t damaging your eyes or squinting.

A couple sitting by the water taking a selfie on an iPhone | ViaScreens

2. Put the Focus on You

If you move your iPhone around while taking a photo, it may decide to focus on something else and not you. To lock the exposure, hold down on your screen on the spot you want to focus on and eventually the letters “AE/AF Lock” will appear; this means that it is focused on you. Once you have locked the focus, you can move your iPhone around without losing the exposure levels. Although, if you touch your screen, it will re-focus again, so keep your fingers away. The “AE/AF Lock” has been around since 2012 and it is a brilliant feature of the iPhone, so don’t forget about it as it could really help you out with taking the perfect selfie.

3. Use Portrait Mode

If you own the iPhone X or later, your device will have the portrait mode. The smart camera technology works best in bright light, and it works by focusing on you and blurring out the background. The end result is of the standard of studio photography, all from an iPhone and taken by you! The phone will tell you on the screen how close or how far away you need to hold it to capture the perfect shot for it to focus.

A man taking a selfie on an iPhone X | ViaScreens

4. Experiment with Different Colours

At times, selfies can be unflattering; maybe you’re having a bad skin day, the lighting isn’t the best, or you are struggling to get the right angle. Before layering on the makeup or giving up on the selfie, consider using a filter. The iPhone camera app has many filters which can alter the way it processes colours. With this feature, you can set the filter you wish to use before capturing the image, making it easy to find the perfect snap opportunity. The other way to use a filter is to take the picture and then edit it in the Photos app. In the App Store, there are multiple photo editing apps, so if you are struggling to find the right filter in the Photos app, try out a few of those to see if they work better.

5. Take Live Photos

iPhones from the 6S Plus and later have this useful feature of taking photos ‘live’. The live images capture a series of images from before, and after you press the shutter, you can then swipe between all of the pictures and pick the best one from the lot. If you don’t have the live feature, then you can hold down the shutter button, and it will take a burst of photos. Using this can help you capture the perfect snap as you can choose from an array of images taken in a short space of time.

A group of friends taking a selfie on an iPhone | ViaScreens

iPhones are brilliant for photography as the cameras are of such high quality. Even though some other mobile phone brands offer better cameras, iPhones still remain so popular. With these fancy features of the iPhone and tips on how to take the perfect selfie, we hope that you can capture the special moments in the best form. When taking a picture either outside or in a bright area, the display can become shiny. An anti-glare screen can mattify your display and allow you to see clearly when you take a selfie to ensure it is perfect.