Should we be Spending Less Time on Our Phones?

11th Nov 2019

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It is no surprise to hear that there are a lot of us suffering from mobile phone addiction. The device essentially controls our lives; it’s our alarm, our way of contacting people, our camera, and a way to interact with the world through social media. While it is incredible that technology has advanced so much that we can hold our lives in our hands, it can also harm us. Many people are almost chained to their phone; they cannot go anywhere without it, check it before they sleep, and it is the first thing they do in the morning. In this blog, we take a look at whether we should be spending less time on our smartphones and share the many ways in which you can cut back on your time spent on your device.

Mobile phone addiction |

Statistics on Phone Usage

Smartphone providers have been criticised for creating addictive devices and, therefore, Android and Apple have both released software that will support people to knock their addition and monitor the usage. The official name for a mobile phone addiction is Nomophobia, and this can be defined as being scared of not having your phone with you. With this in mind, below are some key statistics on people’s mobile phone usage in 2019.

- 85% of smartphone users use their phone while speaking to someone

- 80% of smartphone users check their phone within one hour of waking or going to sleep, with a whopping 35% checking their phone within five minutes of waking up

- 47% of smartphone users have tried to cut back on their phone usage and only 30% succeeded

- The average smartphone user:

  1. checks their phone 47 times a day, which constitutes as 17,155 times a year
  2. is on their phone for an average of two hours and 51 minutes a day
  3. will either tap, swipe or click their device 2,617 times a day

- The UK is the eighth country in the world with the most smartphone usage, with Brazil coming out on top with citizens using their device for an average of five hours a day

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What are the Key Drivers for Mobile Phone Addictions?

Mobile phones have been around for many years now, yet the addictions have only really kicked in over the last decade, so what changed? Initially, mobile phones were merely a communication device, whereas now, we can watch movies, listen to music, use social media, and so much more! Here are the key drivers for why people are becoming addicted to their smartphones:

- Social media networks

- Gaming

- Shopping

- Movies/YouTube

- Dating apps

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How Phone Addiction Can Have a Negative Impact on Your Life

The advancement of the mobile phone is both a positive and negative change; it is extraordinary what we can achieve with a handheld device; however, they can cause harm to us if used too much. Research has shown that extreme smartphone usage can negatively impact both physical and mental health. The following are some of the adverse side effects of Nomophobia:

- Anxiety

- Stress

- Narcissism

- Depression/Loneliness

- Sleeping problems

- Eyesight

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What are the Signs of Nomophobia?

All Smartphones are considered, nowadays, intelligent devices, and we believe they should be used daily, but within reason. It is essential to protect your physical and mental health so; we are here to help with identifying the signs of mobile phone addiction so that you can decide whether you need to change your habits or not:

- Are you struggling with sleep? Do you wake up frequently throughout the night or find it hard to settle?

- Do you feel nervous or anxious when you are without your phone?

- Are you finding it hard to concentrate at work or completing day to day tasks?

- If you are not using your phone, do you worry that you may be missing out on something?

- Are you sneaking around so that you can use your smartphone? E.g. going to the toilet at work

- Do you remove yourself from social situations to go on your phone?

- When you are with family or friends, do you use your phone?

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