5 Reasons Why You Need a Screen Protector

27th Aug 2019

For most of us, the smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices we buy are not just the latest gadgets on the market but investments we need to look after. High-quality mobile devices have never been cheap or inexpensive, after all! Spending money to protect these devices is worth it considering their pivotal place in everyday life, allowing us to use other useful features easily.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Screen Protector

With the rapid growth in technology and its abilities, it seems quite unlikely that the prices for gadgets will go down anytime soon. Therefore, it is your responsibility as the owner to make sure that you get your money’s worth from your prized possessions. One way of ensuring your device’s longevity is using protective layers to limit damages from accidents. Did you know that the LCD screens of smartphones and other electronic devices can be protected to a great extent by screen protectors?

How were Screen Protectors Invented?

Screen protectors were developed by the US military to protect electronic displays and helicopter blades from abrasive particles in harsh aerial environments.

A paper-thin plastic material is used to create the screen protector which prevents the user and others from even realising that something is covering the screen of their device. There was a time when screen protectors had to be manually cut to custom fit the owner’s device. Nowadays, you get screen protectors in all shapes and sizes much like the back covers of mobile devices.

If you are still a little doubtful, here are five reasons why you need a screen protector:

Prevent Glare

The glare which radiates off glass screens can be a real nuisance for device users; matte and anti-glare screen protectors were produced to help eliminate the shine. As the name suggests, the screen protector uses a matte finishing coat and diffusion to lower the consistency of the reduced images. In other words, by putting on this screen protector, you break up the light that reflects off the screen’s surface and the amount of flashback received by your eyes.

The reflected light can be bad for you because it causes eye strain, increasing the tension in your muscle around the iris. The anti-glare protector helps by significantly improving the visibility of the screen and stopping the user from having to squint to view the screen; this makes it more comfortable and more convenient for the user to utilise the device in all types of settings for extended periods of time.

If you are the kind of person who uses their devices a lot in outdoor or brightly-lit places, then you should consider investing your money on an anti-glare and matte screen protector to help eliminate the glare. It can make a massive difference to your device experience.

Stops Stick Finger Marks

Is there anything more annoying than sticky finger marks on your touch screen devices? Even if you wipe or wash your hands religiously, those irritating finger marks simply won’t go away (Not to mention the times when the kids borrow the phone to play games!). Thankfully, there’s a straightforward solution to this sticky problem in the form of the crystal-clear screen protectors that help to eliminate grubby marks affecting your screen experience. The lipophobic coating on the product repels the skin oil on your fingers and resists smudges caused by fingerprints. As a result, your device’s display looks splendid and brand new for a very long time.

Also, the screen protectors have a smooth, unnoticeable and comfortable design which prevents friction as you navigate your favourite apps on your touchscreen device. A smartphone protector defends your phone from marks and smudges while retaining the sensitivity of your touch screen device from before the screen was applied.

Limits Damage From Heavy Impact

Most of us have either dropped our phones or known someone who has done it. It is arguably the biggest reason why people need a screen protector for their mobile devices as we take our devices from the safety of our offices and homes, and out and about with us.

The thought of having the glass screen of your precious phone or electronic device break can be terrifying. People have to spend a lot of their hard-earned money to purchase a premium mobile device, so any damage, big or small, can be a blow.

Screen protectors absorb the shock of a substantial impact and provides the everyday protection you need from scratches and drops. Multiple layers of advanced polymer sheets are used to manufacture our screen protectors and provide much-needed security.

A lot of people assume that anti-shock screen protectors compromise the sensitivity of the touchscreen, but this is just not true. The anti-shock screen protector is an ultra-thin plastic film that not only keeps the sensitivity of your touchscreen intact but also preserves the sharpness of the visual display. You also do not have to worry about installing the anti-shock screen protector as most of them can be attached in a matter of seconds.

See our blog on how to keep your phone safe from damage for more ways to protect your devices from a break.

To Keep Your Privacy

How many times have you had to hold your mobile device close to your chin or your chest to prevent someone else from sneaking in a look at what’s on the screen? Too many times, if you are like lots of people out there, and this is where a screen protector can come in handy.

While your friends and trusted colleagues may not pose much of a threat to your protected data and content, have you ever considered when you use your devices in public? Visual hacking is a serious problem that is affecting many people around the world. Hackers have become more advanced in how they steal precious information off unsuspecting victims. You may not even realise it’s happening until it’s too late. For more information, visit our blog article on visual hacking.

You can find different types of screen protectors such as the 2-way privacy filter or the 4-way privacy plus filter that are very good at keeping your private information hidden from people who do not know how to respect your privacy.

When the privacy filter is attached to the glass screen of your mobile device, the information on the screen becomes visible to the person who is directly in front of the device. In other words, you need to look straight on to view anything on the screen, and others cannot sneak in a look from a tilted angle. As a result, all of your electronic data remains confidential, and you don’t have to worry about having your privacy breached.

Anyone can use the privacy filters, but they are particularly helpful for business owners who cannot afford to let people have a look at their company’s confidential information.

Stops Wear and Tear Scratches

Sometimes we’re in a major rush to get out of the house that we chuck everything we need into our coat or jean pockets; if you think about the things you throw into your pockets, we can imagine the list consists of keys, cards, loose change and mobile phone. Unfortunately, the pocket mates your phone are cuddling up to are the sort of things that can, over time, cause scuffs and scratches to an unprotected touchscreen.

Did you also know that sand is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to phone screen scratches? If you’re a regular beach goer, the sand that ends up in your pockets (and seemingly never wants to leave) can cause some severe damage to your phone. The sand rubs against the glass screen and scratches it as you go about your day.

The lesson here is that if you’re someone who either loves the beach or stores your phone in your pocket, you should invest in a screen protector to prevent any scratches that will ruin the screen experience.

Have you now realised that you need a tablet, laptop and smartphone screen protector for one of the reasons we've just discussed? If so, why not get in touch with us here at ViaScreens today and find out which screen protector will suit your needs.