3 Uses for a Phone Privacy Screen

29th Aug 2019

Privacy is more important than ever, and our phones are now a significant source of our personal information which we all want to keep protected, and away from prying eyes. This is where phone privacy screens have come into play.

To take all the guesswork out of keeping your phone and your information safe, follow our guide on uses for a phone privacy screen for your phone.

What is a Phone Privacy Screen

A phone privacy screen protects your screen from wear, tear and shatters, but also doubles up as a veil that keeps the information on the screen in your direct eye line.

A phone privacy screen is very similar to a regular protector screen in terms of it being made from tempered glass or having a PET (polyester) film coating. The difference is an added layer additional anti-spy filter or layer which works by limiting the viewing angle of your display. This way no one else can see what’s on your screen but you.

How does a Phone Privacy Screen Work

Most privacy screen protectors use a form of ‘micro louver technology’ which works by allowing light from the phone display to pass through at certain angles and not pass through others.

This technology narrows the screen by 30 degrees either side, making sure the screen is only directed at and able to be seen by the user.

Uses for Phone Privacy Screens

In this day and age, we do everything on our smartphones. From banking, using the phone itself as a credit card, accessing emails and storing personal information. Ideally, we want to keep this safe and all for our eyes only.

man in a suit holding phone

Protects from Identity Theft

Identity theft is a rife issue amongst technology. It’s easy to piece together a lot more information from only a few snippets, especially as it is now encouraged to interlink everything together such as social media and other accounts. Experts only have to see a few pieces of information when you’re scrolling to potentially find out much more than you had bargained for.

Protects your Screen Time Privacy

Having a phone privacy screen doesn’t just have to ward off the sinister. Maybe you don’t want someone to see what you’re watching, or what you’re reading, and this privacy screen can stop those accidental or otherwise wandering eyes in their tracks.

hand holding a phone

Doubles up as a Screen Protector

If you are just looking to keep your screen private, then this is an added bonus. You can already get tempered glass screen covers for your phone to protect the screen from shattering, or accumulating scrapes and scratches, but why not opt for one with the privacy protection too? Two great screen protections for the price and convenience of one.

Good for in the Dark

We all like to take our phones to bed, sometimes for an evening scroll or a podcast. Not to mention the use of the alarm in the morning! But, if you have a partner next to you in bed who’s ready for sleep or you’re on an overnight train or flight, having a privacy screen protector can localise screen light, meaning whoever is next to you won’t be disturbed by the glare!

The Importance of Phone Privacy

As phone privacy becomes ever important and more of our information is being stored on our devices, there’s never been a better time to ensure that your phone and details are secure. In our recent blog, we covered 7 key practices for phone security, and within this, there are some top tips on what you can do to keep your sensitive data safe. From creating stronger passwords and keeping your phones software up to date, to shopping for antivirus and securing your messages. A few simple adaptations will give you piece of mind and make your phone that little bit safer.

Here at ViaScreens, we have many phone privacy screen protectors to choose from. Browse through our online store to find something that would be sure to fit your privacy and protection needs, not just for your phone but for many technology devices.